People Cannot Stop Spoiling this Perfect Picture of Sonya Hussain And Her Sister


The latest social media uproar started when a certain facebook page dedicated to Pakistani celebrities posted a picture of Sonya Hussain and her sister Sana Hussain. The picture was taken during the bridal shower of Soniya Hussain’s sister and fans lost it. It seems like some people will never leave a good picture alone.

While taking a closer look at these adorable pictures of the two sisters, it just makes you think.. Is this sister goals or what?

Here are the photos.

The siblings looked off-the-charts amazing during the event.

Can a cutting cake ceremony look any better than this? Honestly, not many of us do this with our siblings… But, we should!

Soniya Hussain’s dress which has “Besties” written on it gives us more proof that these sisters have nailed the sister goals target.

Regardless, the matter at hand is that some people couldn’t digest the picture and had to say something about it. The surprising part is that a majority of them don’t even know what a bridal shower is. Check the comments out:

One of them actually asked..

Some tried to make ridiculous guesses about the event.

Looks like the only shower some fans have heard is literally shower!

It seems like someone finally got it right.

Bridal showers are a gift-giving party that’s held for a bride-to-be in anticipation for her wedding. Although this tradition is most common in United States and Canada, it’s something we should try as well. I mean, what’s the harm in arranging a party before your big day?

Here’s a fan who thinks Soniya Hussain looks like the Quantico actress, Priyanka Chopra.

This person doesn’t seem to get the idea.

We bid good luck to both the sister. Stay strong and awesome.

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