People Can’t Handle The Zayn Malik’s Version of “Teri Deewani”


The British-Pakistani singer, Zayn Malik has got a huge fan following all over the world and his fans, especially from Pakistan, drool over him like crazy not just because of his singing but also for his Pakistani genes!


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Zayn Malik is pretty active on social media and he’s been sharing covers of famous songs on his Instagram account. The interesting thing happened, when he posted his version of Kailash Kher’s “Teri Deewani” and people couldn’t handle it!

Tere deewani by zayn

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If you are into music, you probably have listen to “Teri Deewani” a thousands time as you cannot ever get bored while listening to this masterpiece. If not, listen to it below now!


Well, that was the original version which is loved by so many Indians and Pakistanis. When Zayn Malik covered this amazing song in his own style, his followers on Instagram came up with the most interesting reaction!

After seeing this, the first reaction people had..

While others were like..

They were like, why would he do this?

Some people couldn’t handle the awesomeness and died!

This one was pretty sure about being dead dead!

This one was not!

Zayn Malik fans found another reason to praise their favorite star!

Zayn even got the suggestions for more Hindi songs!


Some people criticized his singing skills!

People think Zayn should avoid singing bollywood songs!

Some judged other for even finding this beautiful!

Others just simply couldn’t believe it!


For some reason they also found it very funny!

This one thought Zayn sounded like Kailash Kher, well..

Nope, not good at all!

Some didn’t know how to even react!

The world wasn’t ready for this!

Hahaahaaaa I am crying

This one took it way too seriously!

People are clearly not happy with this!

Some found it “Pathetic”

Well, others clearly didn’t have words to express their feelings!

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