People Can’t Stop Adoring This Cute Picture of Nooreh Shahroz Posing Like Her Mother!


Kids are the cutest creatures on earth and the things these little humans do in their own little world makes them even more adorable!

Nooreh Shahroze is already a celebrity kid and she has got all the adorable looks from her father and mother. Syra and Shahroz, known as Sairoz, are one of the most beautiful real-life couples and the overflowing cuteness in their daughter makes them one of the cutest families!

My little seashell 💙 #happinessisyou

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We keep seeing pictures of Nooreh circulating on the internet and we can’t stop adoring how much she resembles her mother. Nooreh doesn’t only have her mother’s gorgeous look but she also has her style that she flaunts in the cutest way!

Have a look!

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Wearing this cute little white outfit that even has a teeny tiny dupatta with traditional style chappal and the most adorable attitude, makes Nooreh a celebrity herself!


People can’t stop adoring this picture of Nooreh Shahroz and they are totally loving her style!


People think she is the exact copy of Syra and there is no denying that!

Not only looks but also the effortless style this kiddo has!

Syra keeps posting pictures of her and Nooreh on her Instagram account and this adorable mother daughter duo keeps brightening up our news feed!

They even wear the same outfit! *awwww*

They both can’t stop posing!

My crazy sunshine ☀️ #morninglove

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Another pose before going to bed and oh, wearing the same night dress!


The cuteness we can’t get enough of!


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Shahroz, Syra and Nooreh, too much cuteness in one picture!

Shahroz and Syra are apparently attending a wedding in Lahore and they all are rocking this look, dressed up in a perfect desi style. And have a look at Nooreh, not caring about the world and just focusing on her toy!

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