People Can’t Stop Reacting to this Picture of Saba Qamar Holding a Rooster!


There’s no doubt that artists put a lot of efforts in coming with unique ideas to present their work in front of people but sometimes, it’s tough for people to understand the logic behind the ideas and while decoding the hidden message.

Our very own superstar, Saba Qamar, recently did a photoshoot for a well-known fashion magazine, bringing the topic of women empowerment into the spotlight.

Have a look at these stunning pictures of Saba from her recent shoot!

The coolest bridal look you have ever seen!

The bold and the beautiful!

The one with the rooster!

This picture of Saba Qamar holding a rooster has created a new discussion on social media and has left people confused!

You know it’s a fun day on social media when something like this hits our news feed and people start sharing their opinions on it. People are unable to understand the reason behind this picture and they have come up with the most interesting reactions!

Just when you think internet can’t get any more cruel..

Some had problems with her dress!

If only the Murgha could survive all this!

Why a rooster, why not a pigeon?

For holding this rooster in her hands?

Some good ones..

Our people go by the logic “If you don’t understand something, make fun of it” and apparently, people have come up with their own explanations for this rooster picture.

Nevertheless, Saba Qamar looks stunning as always and in this daunting  look, while standing up for other women.

Saba has left her in total awe!

Stay tuned ti Very Filmi for more news and updates.

Stay tuned to Very Filmi for more updates and news!