People Can’t Stop Spoiling This Perfect Picture of Bilal Abbas Khan and His Sister!


The heart throb of our industry, Bilal Abbas Khan, has emerged as one of the most loved celebrities among the people in no time. Since he made his debut, Bilal has become the center of attention for his talents and good looks and has a huge list of followers!


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When you are loved by so many, it’s hard that people will miss much about you without sharing their opinions. Same thing happened with Bilal Abbas Khan when he posted an adorable picture on his Instagram account. Little did he know about the response he would get from his fans!

Bilal Abbas Khan posted a picture along with his sister and both look super cute in it. The outpouring of sibling’s love is truly adorable!

Have a look!

Lifeline. #family

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Even though it’s really cute but people on social media can’t stop spoiling this perfect picture of Bilal Abbas Khan and his sister!

Since Bilal is the crush of so many, this picture gave mini heart attack to all fan-girls and the first question that arose in their mind was…

Tell them already!


We weren’t even invited!

That “ahaaam” ruined the otherwise beautiful comment!

Another one just like that!

Or siblings?

This has gone too far!

This one had his own issues with this picture!

And this one had his reason!


Someone took it way too seriously!

Finally, this guy played the role of a savior and tried to calm others down!

People on social media don’t waste a single moment to express their thoughts over something and when its about their favorite celebrity, they take the discussion to a whole new level.

This time Bilal Abbas Khan became the target for posting a picture with his sister and it got the funniest response from the people.

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