People Can’t Stop Spoiling This Perfect Picture of Urwa And Mawra Hocane


We all know how beautiful and talented the Hocane sisters are. Their popularity in different areas of media did not happen suddenly. They both have separately worked hard on their careers to reach where they are today. Urwa Hocane started as a VJ by applying in a talent show. You can read about her first audition here. On the other hand, Mawra Hocane started her career while performing in theaters, as a VJ and finally as an actress.

The two have fought against many obstacles to become successful and we couldn’t be more proud.

Recently, a debate started between the fans and haters of the Hocane sisters when a Facebook page posted this picture of the two on their page.

They asked the fans if they wanted to see them together in a show. Fans and haters were quick to respond and thus a debate started between the two sides.

Here’s a hater who clearly wants them out of the industry!

This hater even forgot how to spell their surname.

This one clearly has a thing for Urwa Hocane.

Now, this is a role we want to see the sisters do as well.

Haters gonna hate.. *sigh*

This one can’t bear the two together, even though they are the sweetest!

Couldn’t agree more with this fan.

Meanwhile the sisters are busy being happy with their lives. Urwa Hocane was just recently vacationing in Poland and look at how perfect she looks.

And Mawra is busy being perfect in her recent drama Aangan.

🌺🌺 #Aangan

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Moral of the story? Haters gonna hate! Believing in yourself and pay no heed to such negativeness!

Stay awesome you two and we wish you the best of luck in your careers.

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