People Have The Most Confused Reason to Talk About This Picture of Ayesha Omar


Since wedding season is on full swing these days, it can be a hideous task to decide what to wear in these events especially when you ran out on your pretty dresses. This is when we decide to borrow a perfect dress from our friends, relatives or in Ayesha Omar’s case, even from our neighbours!

It looks like our Khoobsoorat couldn’t decide what to wear to a wedding, so she borrowed this beautiful black Saree from her neighbour and paired it up with her sports bra. As always, Ayesha totally nailed this attire and looked simply gorgeous!

Have a look!

Another one!

She looks breathtaking in this beautiful Saree!

Even though, Ayesha Omar looks stunning in these pictures and she has left her fans in awe for her dazzling looks but, her caption has left some of her followers a little bit confused!

Read it below!

It seems like our bold beauty has censored the word “bra” from her caption for some reasons and her fans can’t understand the reason behind it. Although everyone could figure out the word but still they didn’t let it go without discussing it!

This one couldn’t understand the reason to censor the word!

This one talked facts!

Leaving the caption aside, Ayesha Omar always amazes us with her extraordinary sense of fashion and effortless style and even in this self-made outfit, she looks absolutely stunning. Ayesha Omar has given her fans yet another reason to adore her and they couldn’t resist but praise her beauty!

She spoke the truth!

As usual, there were some negative comments as well and some people did not look happy with Ayesha’s dress and the “controversial” caption.

There is always one person to try to talk sense into others but it seems like their efforts go in vain, always!


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