People Have All Kinds of Comments About This Picture of Hannah Butt!


The gorgeous Hannah Butt is considered as one of the hottest models in Pakistan. From bridal exhibitions to casual lawn shoot and even bold dresses, she amazes us in every look!

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When you are a celebrity, whatever you do becomes the talk of the town. A controversial topic can create a whole new debate and social media critics do not hesitate to share even the tiniest thought in their minds. Same thing happened with Hannah Butt recently, when this particular picture of hers reached the internet.

Have a look!

Hannah has done this photo shoot for an apparel brand.


Social media is the best place to share your opinion and people seems to take this advantage at their fullest. Hannah Butt has become the centre of attention due to this picture and people have all kinds of things to say about her.

Another day to shake your heads at the comments!

Looking at these comments, people seem to have some real issues with her body not fully covered. Some of them think she needs a good pair of pajamas and are warning Hannah about the consequences!



Some think that its another attention seeking stunt by yet another celebrity!

This picture reminded many of the famous one-liner written on the trucks!

Mehmood Sahab!!

Probably the funniest one so far!

That’s just mean!

This is not the first time that a celebrity’s outfit has created a debate on social media. We have a lot of example in the past as well. Not only models, many actresses have also found themselves in trouble over wearing a controversial dress. Syra Shehroze, Ayesha Omar, Mahira Khan and many other famous names, all have been in this situation at one time or another.

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Even though, everyone has the right to discuss something in their own way but we can try not to be “too mean” while sharing our opinions.

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