People Are Offended With Mawra Hocane’s New Year Party Look


The hocane sisters are famously known for their incredible choice in fashion and have appeared in countless fashion shows as well. Despite that, there are times when not many fans resonate with their choice of clothing. Especially yesterday when Mawra Hocane got dressed up to go to a New Year’s party.

May 2018 be Lit af! ✨✨✨✨❤️? #Hello2018 #Midnight X

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This black attire is in it’s most classy form and decorated with beautiful blue-ish designs on the head of the outfit. The bare shoulder is covered with a black coat that beautiful completes the look. Mawra Hocane’s sister, Urwa Hocane, also accompanied her with a matching outfit to the party.

Even though both of them are dressed decently, some fans showed disagreement towards their choice of attire. Some even went out of their way to post rude comments towards the two sisters just because of the way they had dressed was too ‘haraam’.

Talk about harsh crowd. Then again, there were also people who adored their dressing and continued on to support Mawra Hocane with her choices. Some of them even fought against the haters in efforts to support the actress. Good call!

We agree that Mawra Hocane definitely did not wear anything revealing or indecent. Mawra Hocane always has had a flair for wearing gorgeous yet decent dresses and rocks every look no matter the theme. We sincerely hopes that she gets more supporting fans like these and a successful career up ahead this new year. Stay awesome, Mawra!

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