People Are Pointing Fingers At Younis Khan For Posing with Female Celebs


We all know how glorious the World Cup trophy ceremony had been and we’re sure that even the fans who were watching it from their homes were also very excited throughout the celebration.

If you want to see how the ceremony was and how many of your beloved celebrities attended it, then check the link below out:

Pakistani Celebrities Spotted at the Unveiling Ceremony of Fifa Worldcup Trophy in Lahore

Younis Khan also attended the event along with many other celebs. His picture Pakistani actresses  Kubra Khan, Maya Ali, Minal Khan, Younis Khan, Momina Mustehsan, Amna Babar, Rabia butt and Zainab Abbas is also going viral on the internet

People on social media started to point fingers at the former Pakistani cricketer. Once again, haters are going to hate and ridiculous people are going to say ridiculous things. Here are the comments:

Here’s a shaadi aunty that we all don’t need but is still a part of the family.

Well, someone is trying to be psychic and predict the future.. hmmm..

Truthfully, it might have been.. I don’t know, probably because he’s in the viewing of the Worldcup trophy ceremony!?

This person obviously doesn’t know that we can use our phone to take pictures.

Well, this person is probably off the fan-meets-celebrity list.

Then there were people looking for football and footballers in a celebrity page.

Says the person who has a girly name and a man’s picture on their profile.

 Maybe he’s just genuinely happy?Finally there were some fans who still showed their love to the former captain of our country. Kudos to you guys!

Yup, he is definitely one of the many legends we all know and respect.

Remember, it’s always easy to get up and point fingers a