People on Social Media are Having Fun with This Photo of Urwa and Farhan


The famous celebrity couple has became the center of attention on social media, yet again! We are talking about no one else but Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane, who always seem to find a way to remain in the news!

Farhan and Urwa got married in 2016 and everything that revolved around their big day was greatly discussed on the internet. From the dreamy proposal in Paris to a sophisticated wedding at Badshahi Mosque, their every event made a headline!

Not long ago, Farhan and Urwa again became the target on the internet for their steamy photo shoot! They both were extremely criticized for sharing such photos publicly.

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This time, people are having fun with this photo of Farhan and Urwa which is going viral on the internet. They both did a photo shoot for Dolce Vita and their certain pose has what attracted the attention of the people!

Have a look!

Even though they both look stunning but their pose has totally confused the people. This picture has created a whole new topic of discussion on social media and people are having fun with it. We all know how creative our people can get on the internet and their reaction is absolutely hilarious!

Check it out!

People don’t understand the reason for Urwa sitting like that!

The “C” Joke Never Gets Old!


Another one!


The most famous tag line in Pakistan. And it works!

The most discussed desi topic!


The one we can all relate too!

Some are clearly not very happy!

Finally, someone took the matter in their hand and fixed it!

People on social media don’t really let go anything interesting that easily. The level of creativity and sarcasm of Pakistanis is priceless. To be honest, these memes are the reason of smile for many at the end of a tiring day!

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