Pictures Of Iqra Aziz Celebrating Her Birthday Go Viral


Iqra Aziz, one of the rising stars of Pakistan, just celebrated her 20th birthday on 24th November with her friends and family.

What a stunner!

Iqra looked absolutely pretty in her Crimson-coloured outfit. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is one of the most talented artists on television these days. The Qurban actress is absolutely loved and adored by her fans and followers all over Pakistan.

Iqra was absolutely surprised! She was excited to see her friends and family getting together to celebrate her birthday.

Here’s a picture of Iqra with her mother.

Now we must say that’s a cute mom and daughter duo.

Iqra also thanked her sister via her Instagram post for making her day so special.

Iqra’s co-star, Shehzad Sheikh from her latest serial ‘Qurban’ also surprised her at the event. The two look lovely together onscreen and offscreen.

These two are the cutest! Aren’t they?

Iqra’s sister was not at the party herself but she managed to plan and execute the surprise for her along with the help of her friends.

Now that’s how sisters should be like!

Her birthday celebration began a bit earlier. It seems like her family and friends made sure that her 20th birthday should be a memorable one.

Birthdays are always special and we are glad Iqra has some awesome people around who made sure to make her special day even more special for her.

The pictures from Iqra’s surprise birthday party are all over the internet. Fans and followers have been sending their wishes to her from all over Pakistan.  It’s great to see how someone in such short time period has won the hearts of so many people. Not many people are able to do that!

We wish Iqra love, happiness, and success. You rock, girl. Keep shining!