Piyari Bitto Drama on Alhzeimer’s Disease to Feature Atiqa Odho & Sania Saeed


‘Sitara and Mehrunissa’ aka Atiqa Odho and Sania Saeed are back on set after two decades. This talented duo has charmed the nation with the 90’s Pakistani classic, ‘Sitara and Mehrunissa’. There is no doubt that it was their chemistry that made the drama so special. They are back again, bringing to life the script of ‘Piyari Bitto’.

By keeping our eyes and ears open we have gathered some bits and pieces of the news surrounding ‘Piyari Bitto’. Apart from Atiqa Odho and Sania Saeed, the cast includes Farah Shah and Rashid Farooqui and ‘Jeevan Hathi’s’ Fawad Khan (Yes, we started imagining his namesake in this project too).

Here is a BTS shot of the ensemble cast:

The story revolves around the unbindable bond of family ties over a generation of ladies of Bitto’s family. Farah Shah will be ‘Bitto’ while Atiqa will be portraying her egotistical mother and Sania Saeed her adopted daughter.

Intrigued? So were we.

We have already put on our thinking caps on, wondering who will get Alzheimer’s?

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