PLBW 2018: Pakistani Model Attended The Show Without Makeup


One of the most-awaited fashion extravaganzas of the year Pakistan L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week (PLBW) 2018 has officially kicked off in Lahore. Every year, the event showcases some of the stunning ensembles by talented designers adorned by Pakistani actresses and models.

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But what we loved the most about this year’s show is that it is breaking free of the norms of gender and sexuality.

One of the models, Eman Suleman, has broken all the stereotypes by showing up in the fashion show without wearing any makeup.

Well, her decision to go bare-faced was actually quite shocking but it is giving a positive message to embrace the natural beauty.

The model took to her Instagram account and shared her look with the caption:

Decided to go to bridal fashion week makeup-less because trying out that whole Alicia Keys thing.

We need to say, Eman just slayed the look perfectly! 

After receiving so much of love and support from her fans and follower, the model thanked them through her social media accounts. She wrote:

It’s shocking to see the amount of compassion I get from strangers. I look in my messages and so many of you send so much love, show concern.

It’s shocking to see the amount of compassion I get from strangers. I look in my messages and so many of you send so much love, show concern. As models, our work never stops, by that I mean, we even have to be careful with our eating habits, our lifestyle revolves around our work. We work at odd hours, sometimes for 16 hours a day, and then again the next day, often without sleep. We work in severe conditions, in the scorching heat, in the freezing cold. It doesn’t end when the shoot finishes, there’s a whole process of cleaning ourselves afterwards, the last most difficult hour or two, at least for me. Sometimes we work 7 days a week, without any weekends. Sunday isn’t a day we particularly look forward to because for us, that’s also a working day. Despite all of this, we willingly do this, because we enjoy our work. There was a time when I could easily sleep, lie in bed and pass out. Sadly, I can’t seem to anymore. I have to think myself to sleep, after I think about a lot of other things. I feel that’s a problem with a lot of us. Anyhow, what you see on my face isn’t weakness, or drugs, it’s exhaustion and lack of sleep. As far as the weight loss is concerned, it’s not unhealthy I mean it kind of is, but I definitely don’t feel weak. Since so many of you message me, I thought I’d write this post; however, this doesn’t mean you stop sending me concerned messages. Mujhe bari khushi hoti hay. Bhaijtay raha karain. Aur hello, what is this nonsensical theory? The darker the dark circles, the bigger the charsi? Not true, MY OnLY DrUG IZ LuV.

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Well, we think that the model has given a positive message to all the young girls to love the way they are in reality. More power to you, woman!

What are your thoughts about Eman Suleman’s without makeup look? Let us know in the comments section below.

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