Pooja Bhatt’s Pakistani Adventure Will Make Everyone Jealous!


Pooja Bhatt recently visited Pakistan to attend her pal, Ali Azmat’s birthday bash.

The Dil Hai Kay Maanta Nahi actress flew to Lahore for the birthday and then later also visited Karachi.


The heartwarming picture says a lot about their friendship.

The look of love… #fathersanddaughters #love #adoration #unconditional #AliAzmat #karachidiaries

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The Bhatts have always shared a beautiful equation with Pakistan.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and daughter Pooja Bhatt share similar sentiments for Pakistan. Moreover, the two are long-standing campaigners for peace between India and Pakistan.

Pooja also walked the ramp for Fashion Pakistan Week, not once but twice!

Her trip to Karachi was rather exuberant.

Mermaids don't drown… #fishermanscove #water #life #love

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In Karachi, you don’t need an excuse to be outdoors.

If two wrongs don't make a right,try three! #fishermanscove #Khi #girlsdayout

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Nonetheless, what’s a trip to Pakistan without visiting the best restaurants in town?

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Here’s to hoping she returns soon, so I can finally get that selfie!

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