Priyanka Raises the Heat in New Quantico Season 2 Steamy Scenes


Priyanka has been turning up the heat in her comeback with Quantico Season 2. After the success of season 1, the story gives us more insights into the relationship of Alex (Priyanka) and Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) and their intimacy.

Priyanka’s season 1 scenes from when she met Booth went viral, now her scenes from season 2 are also being talked about. Season 1 had its fair share of steamy scenes between Alex and Ryan, including their first hookup in the car to the steamy shower scene. Whereas Quantico season 2 shows Priyanka and Jake getting down and dirty while being madly in love wth each other.

A video from the show has been circulating around the internet from season 2, watch it below:


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