Priyanka Chopra’s Offensive T-Shirt Creates Controversies!


The Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra has always been the center of attraction in one way or the other. Her marvellous acting skills and sharp ‘desi’ looks have gotten her a lot of fame in Bollywood and Hollywood industry.

Recently, the Bollywood beauty has been featured on the cover page of a traveller’s magazine, Conde Nast. This is one of the many magazines she has been featured on lately. Piggy Chop graces the cover with her wet hair and white T-shirt. But poor soul didn’t know it would put her into trouble and direct questioning.

People are calling out on Priyanka for flaunting herself in a so-called “Offensive” tang top. Out of the four words on the tang, ‘Refugee’ , ‘Outsider’, ‘Immigrant have been crossed out with red while ‘Traveler’ remains there as is.

The problem with our society is excessive stereotyping which most of the times put a black label on the symbolic personalities, just like our very own Priyanka. People are going nuts over this petty issue. They think that ‘Desi Girl’ has tried to belittle the plight of refugees and immigrants in comparison with luxurious travellers.

Priyanka Chopra’s Offensive T-Shirt Creates Controversies!



This rising heat has given birth to some really angry tweets that were directed towards the hottie.

Have A Look At The Aggressive Tweets!

Fans Being Defensive!

Well, all we gotta say is yes it might be offensive and degrading but we could have gauged a lot more out of this succinct message on her top. Maybe she was trying to reduce the stereotyping, no? There are always two sides of the coin!

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