PTV’s Drama Serial ‘Farz’ Will Showcase Women As A Catalyst Of Change


PTVis breaking stereotypes by presenting a powerful and progressive female protagonist in its upcoming drama serial ‘Farz’.

‘Farz‘ is primarily a comment on contemporary Pakistani society with all its complexities and frustrations. Set in the backdrop of a lower middle class neighbourhood, where people with dreams and deadly conspiracies strive to live in harsh realities.

The protagonist is a girl next door , who takes charge of her life and becomes an epitome of success and courage for her gender. The character of Aliya, played by Sonia Mishal, shows how fighting back patriarchy and discrimination at every leve to become a police officer.

The sub-plot of crime and extortion adds to the pace and suspense of the play while another romantic track unveils the hidden truth of exploitation and domestic violence Pakistani women have to suffer through.

Farz is directed by the maestro Kashif Nisar and written by Aamir Raza. The drama features Sonia Mishal, Nauman Ijaz, Qavi Khan, Saleem Mairaj, Inayat Khan, Amna Malik, Azra Aftab, Iftikhar Iffi and Aymi Khan.

The 17-episode drama serial ‘Farz’  is set to start from (Monday) 6th February, at 7:45 pm on PTV Home.

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