Qandeel Baloch & Aryan Khan’s New Music Video Titled Ban Released!


Pakistans’ very own drama queen also known as Qandeel Baloch after being banned from Facebook as a result of being repeatedly reported for her unethical acts is now a star of a music video titled Ban that is a watch full of vulgarity.

Qandeel loves being in the spotlight for all the controversies that follow her. From sending flirt messages to politicians and taking selfies with muftis, to posting seductive updates to twerking in a music video with a kid half her age, the controversy queen has covered it all! With facial expressions too bold and sensuous to watch without adult supervision to lyrics that make absolutely  no sense, the music video is probably made to be banned.


The video has already hit 261,000 views since its release on 7th July by Beyond Records. The catchy but overly-sexual content wasn’t the best idea, especially living in a country with such conservative minds. However, all we can honestly say is that it’s probably a ridiculous attempt to do something bold.

‘Baby please don’t do it again’ being repeatedly used in the lyrics actually made the viewers say “For God sake DO NOT do it again”. Unnecessary and degrading sexualisation, the song sounded funnier and the video looked dirtier than the singer planned it to be. And to top it all was Qandeel Baloch dancing with a teenager  trying to look cool.

Watch the complete video below: (With adult supervision and at your own risk)

‘Qandeel Baloch’s  BOLD/SEXY/HOT/ CONTROVERSIAL music video titled ‘BAN’ is sung by Pakistani young singer Aryan Khan and the music is composed by the youngest Pakistani rapper, song-writer Arbaz Khan who earlier featured along with Mathira in another music video!

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