Qandeel Baloch & Mufti Abdul Qawi’s Selfies Go Viral


Controversy queen Qandeel Baloch shared a couple of selfies of herself posing with Mufti Abdul Qawi and stirred a storm over the social media once again.

The series of selfies show Qandeel Baloch playfully posing with Mufti Abdul Qawi while wearing his cap. Have a look!

Mufti Qawi told a news channel that during an earlier encounter Qandeel Baloch had expressed her desire to meet him in Karachi.

“She wanted to have a meeting in order to get rid of a magic spell. She put my hat on her head, and took a selfie while I was busy on the phone,” he claimed.

“She asked me to arrange her meeting with Imran Khan as she wants to discuss the treatment meted out to her by some people during PTI rallies.Since I am the head of PTI’s religious wing, I agreed that I would talk to Imran Khan,” the mufti further added.

However, Qandeel gave a rather different picture denying the mufti’s claim.

“Why would I ask for a meeting with him…in fact, he had told me during a TV program that he would like to lay his eyes on my face before witnessing the moon of Ramazan,” stated Qandeel.

“He told me, forget about Imran Khan as he is 65 and too old for me… he said I am 50 years old and an age gap of 25 years between us is not a big deal,”

Qandeel Baloch claimed that Mufti Qavi “is hopelessly in love with her” and that he had invited her to his room in Hotel Regent Plaza in Karachi for Iftaari. While on the other hand,  Mufti Qavi told media that Qandeel Baloch was “like a daughter to him”, and that he was only trying to bring her to “the right path”.

Well, who to believe and who not to? This is not the first time Mufti Sahab has made a headline this controversial. The Mufti had earlier developed a close bond with yet another controversy queen, Veena Malik. He got into a verbal argument with her on live television but the Mufti now claims to be one of the biggest influences behind Veena’s religious transformation.

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