Qandeel Baloch’s REAL Ex-Husband Revealed


The internet sensation, Qandeel Baloch AKA Fouzia Azeem’s tailor husband now seems to be out of the picture and a new ex-husband, Aashiq Hussain comes to light! The man who claims to be her REAl ex-husband came forward live on television on Wednesday and this time with solid evidence and proof. He revealed that Baloch was married to him and they even had a child together. Another controversy hit the internet and took social media by storm!

To everyone’s surprise, Qandeel actually accepted being married to this particular Aashiq Hussain and did not deny anything or label them as fake accusations.

Here’s the wedding picture that ‘The Aashiq’ posted as proof! Well, What century is this Qandeel Baloch from? Did they not have quality cameras when she got married?

Qandeel Baloch

Controversial queen while speaking to the media said: “My husband used to beat me up. She further admitted that she also had a son with Aashiq. She added, “He never told my child I am his mother. It was a forced marriage” 

Qandeel Balocj

The ex-husband claims otherwise, he says that it was a love marriage, “I still have letters which she wrote with her blood”

“Qandeel had always wished for a massive bungalow with a luxurious car and always demanded it from me,” Aashiq Hussain further added while Qandeel denied saying  “I never contacted Aashiq Hussain after the divorce”

I took a divorce because I wanted to study further and work but I was forcibly married,” she added with innocence .

Qandeel said she was just 17 years old when she was forcefully married to a man from Kot Addu.

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