Quratulain Baloch & Farhan Saeed Has Given Us Coke Studio’s Song Of The Season


Coke Studio 10 has pretty much divided the nation. here are those who LOVE each and every rendition and classic remake and there are others who can’t stop complaining and crying. TBH, we have mixed reviews too but the latest Coke Studio episode 4 has shifted our preference towards the latter group.

Launched right before the festive Eid season, the episode has been Coke Studio’s best so far. And one song that’s on our repeat-list is Quratulain Baloch and Farhan Saeed’s peppy/folksy number, Dekh Tera Kya/Latthay Di Chaadar.

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The song is a sweet reminder of the days when weddings weren’t dominated by sleazy Bollywood item songs. Instead, Musarrat Misbah and Noor Jehan’s rustic voices would fill the wedding seasons with their festive tunes.

QB’s upbeat husky voice clashes perfectly with Farhan’s melodious tunes on 80s pop track. Farhan Saeed’s warm, tuneful take on Dekh Tera paired with Quratulain Balouch’s textured, radiant voice belting out Latthay Di Chaadar makes for the perfect mixture. With a strong backing vocals section, the song finds itself exploring the musical spectrum of our vibrant traditional past.

The ethnic tune, background and ensemble make you want to do an impromptu daandiyan session with your friends. The song has already crossed over a million views on Coke Studio’s official YouTube channel alone and that’s one big proof of its success.

Farhan Saeed posted a sweet tribute to the original artists. His tweet is a reminder of Coke Studio’s true essence.

Here are some positive reactions from an otherwise critical Twitterati force.