Quarantine Special, Find Out Bilal Maqsood’s Hidden Talent

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Popular Pakistani pop band member, Bilal Maqsood has another talent that he has been hiding from his fans. It is when the world is restricted to get out of their homes, his ambidextrous self comes forward and fans are stunned.

Watch For Yourself! 


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‘Lockdown couple’ #stayinghome #corona #lockdown Maqsood captions his post on Instagram.

Bilal seamlessly draws a lockdown couple on a wall with both his hands together. It is surely a form of art to train your mind to move both of your hands profusely accurate.

Faisal Kapadia applauds the master mind!

Faisal Kapadia

A fan of Bilal wonders if he can do it all or not?

Others think he is super multi-talented 

How many talents does Bilal have after all?

It isn’t just Bilal who has been taking some time out for activities that he’d never get time for if all was normal. We see a lot of people cooking, baking, learning a new skill, etc.

Let us all take advantage of this time and reflect upon our lives while we fight through the deadly virus. Remember, all you have to do is just #stayhome

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