Quratulain Balouch’s Take On Coke Studio’s Evolution


Quratulain Balouch is one of the most talented stars in Pakistan’s music industry. Her powerful voice is enough to bound you into her charisma. The signing sensation has some serious potential. Not only did she sing the popular title track for Humsafar drama, ‘Who Humsafar Tha’ but she has also debuted on Coke Studio and has made a comeback on it with season 9 after her smashing hit, ‘Sami MeriWaar’.

Her achievements do not end here, the singer has made her way to B-Town by lending her vocals to Amitabh Bachchan’s upcoming venture, Pink with a song called ‘Kari Kari’.

Coming back to Coke Studio, QB’s first installment of the program ‘Panchi’ alongside Jal – The Band, second installment, Sami Meri Waar alongside the superstar, Umair Jaswal and third, Baliye (Laung Gawacha) alongside Haroon Shahid were all praised by the audience.

Recently Express Tribune was in talks with her about her experience and experiments on Coke Studio.

“Talking about patriarchal norms… with four options in Jaffer Zaidi, Noori, ShujaHaider and Faakhir, Noori, both were my best bets,” She said.

QB believes that the format of the show has drastically changed since its first season. She shared, “With Rohail [Hyatt], you had the freedom to be creative. There was a support system, as far as content is concerned. Now, even with creative giants on board, everything is pre-planned. Music is already penned down for the ‘vocalists’ and it has become more commercial than ever since it’s one of the most viewed programs all over the world.”



While talking about her Coke Studio tracks, Sami Meri Waar’s lyrics were more repetitive, whereas Baliye was a bit longer. To this, she said, “It’s not about a greater share in the song but as a singer, the kind of preconceived notions that are within the perimeters.”
She further added, “Ronnie Lahiri, the producer of the film, shared the concept of the song and story that highlights rape culture and the biases attached to it. How our society vilifies women, especially when they show defiance against the usual norms and dare to speak up. I have made my way out of a feudal system so giving the song my voice became almost mandatory.”

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