Rabi Pirzada Reveals She Has Been Harassed by Women in Media


Amidst all the heated debate of sexual harassment in the country, Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada has claimed that she has been only harassed by women in Pakistani showbiz industry.

While talking to mainstream media personnel in an event, the pop singer said,

“I was never harassed by a man. But women have harassed me and I understood it later that it was nothing but harassment.”

She further added,

“We never knew that if an aunty was hugging us in a different manner then that means she’s harassing us,” she says. “I later got to know and was amazed that even this happens. More than the men, I believe women should keep their character in check.”

Rabi added that she had moved from a backward area of Pakistan and it took her some time to understand that the women in Pakistani entertainment actually harass more than men in the entertainment industry.

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A few days ago, the pop singer tweeted that harassment is a serious issue and celebrities are taking advantage out of this.

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