Rabi Pirzada’s New Song Rashk e Qamar’s Video Will Make You Want To Claw Your Eyes Out!


Bring out your ear plugs and cotton balls, because Rabi Pirzada’s new song ‘Rashk e Qamar’ is the lowest of lows in the history of Pakistani music. What’s more, the terrible music video will make you want to claw your eyes out!

And if you’re really hating yourself today, here’s the music video:


Yes, you just watched a woman cuddling a snake like it was her love interest (we warned you). And nope, the tacky outfits aren’t the only cringe-worthy thing about this video. And we thought there couldn’t be anything worse than Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’. I guess, we were wrong about that!

Rabi Pirzada has recreated Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali Rashk-e-Qamar featuring herself as Bano killer in the music video. As she announced earlier on her Instagram, the song is supposed to be about women empowerment. No, you did not read that wrong.

It’s a shame that the video looks like some kind of an excruciating music video strung together by someone who just learned how to use iMovie.

This is the kind of cheap, shameless and indulgent video that makes us wonder how something like this can possibly exist. The music video will surely make it to the list of  ’50 worst music videos of all times’.

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