Ranbir Kapoor Becomes Sanjay Dutt – The Transformation!


Once in a while, there comes a movie that leaves us all awestruck and the viewers and the critics can’t help but praise the immense hard work the makers have put in it. For 2018, this movie is Sanju, the biopic of Sanjay Dutt, that is winning hearts around the world!

While Sanju is still going on and on at the box office, we have finally got to see the BTS video showcasing the magical transformation of Ranbir Kapoor into Sanjay Dutt and the whole team effort involved in it!

Watch the video below!


Rajkumar Hirani, the director of Sanju, talks about the making of this masterpiece and explains how important it was for them to recreate a whole new “Sanjay Dutt”. He says,

“The day we decided that we have to do this film, Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, the biggest challenge was who will play Sanjay Dutt. Somebody has to not only look like him, somebody has to feel like him and behave like him.”

Well, the idea to pick Ranbir Kapoor for this significant role proved to be in their favor because he hasn’t only acquired the looks of Sanjay Dutt but has also remarkably portrayed his onscreen and offscreen life as well.

The journey of turning the chocolate boy of Bollywood into the Khalnayak of the industry was one meticulous task and a whole team of experts had to collaborate in achieving the perfect “Sanju” look after so many attempts!

Ranbir Kapoor also discusses how it was quite difficult for him to transform his body and looks and he took it as a challenge. He used to have 8 meals a day and would wake up at 3 in the morning just to have a protein shake.

But as it says, hard work definitely pays off and Ranbir has not just gathered loads of appreciation for his brilliant acting but, Sanju is also his first film to hit the 200 crore mark!

The whole team behind Sanju has worked really hard in creating this masterpiece that will surely go down in the history of Bollywood!

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