Is Ranbir Kapoor On A Solo-Flop Roll?


Ranbir Kapoor – one of the most good-looking, talented and well-connected stars of Bollywood’s Y-generation has once again failed to give a solo hit. The poor performance of his Disney musical, Jagga Jasoos opens a hot debate of his consistent bad luck in solo movies.

With back to back flops, the past few years have not been very lucky for the actor. With flops like Besharam, Bombay Velvet, Tamasha and Jagga Jasoos, we doubt Ranbir will have half of his loyal fan following left. Moreover, he might also lose the trust of his distributors. He really needs to up his game!

This run of bad luck also means he might also lose the trust of his distributors.

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It was extremely crucial for the actor for Jagga Jasoos to be a success but ALAS! Ranbir has failed to deliver his best in the last 4 outing out of 5 and he sure is running out of chances.


Even though he is the most sellable actors in the industry, the actor sure has used up all his lifelines, with so much money at stake. Maybe it’s high time that he stops experimenting for a while and dives into clichéd roles like all the other actors.

With a Raj Kumar Hirani film at his hand, Ranbir Kapoor really needs to turn things around with Dutt. There is also a sci-fi flick with Ayan in the making and he really CANNOT go wrong with these!

It’s time for the actor to take things slow and understand what his audience really wants out of him. Let’s wish him all the luck. He surely needs it!

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