Yaqeen Ka Safar’s Latest Episode Creates a Social Media Frenzy!


The Yaqeen Ka Safar episode that everybody anxiously waited for finally aired on TV yesterday night. With so much happening in the plot everyone was on their toes to see how the conflicts between all the characters will get resolved.

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Fans took to Twitter last night, flooding it with their reactions and bonding over the latest happenings in the drama serial. The response to this episode was so massive that the top trending hashtag on Twitter was #yaqeenkasafar. The response to YKS was very diverse as per all the Tweets that surfaced on the internet last night.

Many were upset about the return of Faryal (Sabeena Syed) and her interference in Asfandyar’s (Ahad Raza Mir) a and Zubiya’s (Sajal Ali) developing love story.

However others were positive that Asfandyar and Zubiya will end up together. Fans even came up with the hashtag #Asfiya for the couple they so want to see together.

Needless to say everyone is very excited for the upcoming episode next Wednesday!

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