First Song From The Horror Film ‘Pari’ Titled “Khaki Badan” Evokes Eerie Feels


The Pakistani entertainment industry finally decides to address the horror film genre with their new film Pari. The recently released trailer has created a lot of hype among viewers considering how promising it looked.  It is advised for fans to not have high expectations from the film in terms of VFX effects, considering how new this venture is for the filmmakers.

The Trailer of Pakistani Horror Movie Pari Has Been Released

The cast includes Qavi khan, Khushi Maheen, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Miraj, Azekah Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim. The film is directed by Syed Atif Ali and Muhammad Ahsan and written by Syed Atif Ali. Just recently the first song from the film Pari has been released and everyone is obsessing over it for all the right reasons.

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Titled Khaki Badan, the song has been penned down by Shamim Bazil in the Sufi Kalam style as a tribute to Allan Fakeer. The haunting composition has a very soothing tune added on to by the soulful voice of Wajeeb Uddin Meer. Considering how successful the the song has been in creating an eerie demeanor that sends chills down your spine we are sure the movie Pari will too.

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If you haven’t already heard this beautiful song, you can listen to it here:

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