Reema Khan Finally Breaks Silence On Divorce Rumors


Reema Khan is known for being the darling of the media, even if she is away from Pakistan. However, last week she had to come on national TV to squash all rumors regarding her divorce. The veteran Pakistani actress Reema denied all the gossips of impending divorce near in future and said that she is all happy with her husband.

In the interview, the actress said,

“I have been hearing these rumors for two weeks now but the people who know me, who observe us closely and never asked me about this,”

She further added,


“I never denied these rumors because I did not need to. This used to happen in old times when rumors were only leaked when there was actually something but unfortunately, a non-issue is made an issue now,”


Look at the video of Reema Khan denying all the rumors regarding her divorce!

The actress tied the knot to a famous American cardiologist Syed Tariq in 2011. After her marriage, Reema Khan moved to America to be with her beloved hubby! The couple was later blessed with a son and we wish for them a happy life together!

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