The Release Date For Motorcycle Girl is Here And it’s Set to Break Women Sterotypes!


“Motorcycle Girl” is set to be the most anticipated film of this year as it’s expected to tackle all the gender stereotypes that women face in our society.

As most of us know, the film is a biopic about a determined woman named Zenith Irfan who attempts to break the cultural norms of society and goes on motorcycle trip to the northern side of Pakistan. It’s something we definitely need in our cinemas.

Pakistani actress and model Sohai Ali Abro’s starring biopic “Motorcycle Girl” will release in cinemas across Pakistan on the 20th of April 2018. The global distribution rights for the film has been acquired by Excellency films.

Actress Sohail Ali Abro is set to play Zenith Irfan’s role and she looks like she absolutely nailed the role!

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The Motorcycle Girl is writer/director Adnan Sarwar’s second feature film after 2015 biopic ‘Shah’. Just like his first film, we’re sure that this one is going to be just as amazing!

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Irfan’s multiple bike journeys, which are documented in her Facebook blog “1 Girl, 2 Wheels”, through the northern regions of the country is a complete inspiration for all the women of Pakistan and worldwide.

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Sohai Ali Abro will be shown venturing through the side of Pakistan where it’s taboo for women to go out unaccompanied, let alone drive on a set of two-wheels. It has been mentioned on worldwide publication networks such as CNN, New York Times, Vice, etc.

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To prepare for the role, the actress had to go through extensive motorcycle training. This includes going on bike journeys from Lahore to Khanjerb for the shooting. The film has been co-produced by Jami under the banner of Azadfilm Company.


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We wish the crew best of luck and are excited to watch the film!

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