Rishi Kapoor Gives a Shout Out to Jawed Sheikh for His Upcoming Movie “Wajood”!


The veteran Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor has recently given a shout out to Jawed Sheikh for his upcoming movie “Wajood”, who is making a directorial comeback after 10 years!

Being his old friend and colleague, Rishi Kapoor tweeted the trailer of “Wajood” along with his best wishes for Jawed Sheikh, who has not only directed and produced this upcoming flick but, will also grace our screens with his phenomenal acting!

With all the tension that has been going on between the two countries, it’s great to see the two old hands of our entertainment world appreciating each other. Rishi Kapoor and Jawed Sheikh has worked in 3 Bollywood movies together including Namaste London and Sadiyaan, and share a very friendly bond considering Jawed Sheikh played Ranbir Kapoor’s father in Tamasha.

Jawed Sheikh is probably the only star who’s been a constant on both sides of the border for quite a long time and has worked in numerous Bollywood movies. He appreciated this good gesture from his co-star with a “Thank you” under the post and it’s just too nice!

After Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay, Jawed Sheikh is making a comeback in Wajood after a decade as a director, which stars Danish Taimoor, Saeeda Imtiaz, Nadeem Baig, Ali Saleem and also an Indian actress Aditi Singh.

Produced under the banner of Jawed Sheikh Films, “Wajood” is going to be a revenge-thriller and by the first look at its trailer, the story sure seems captivating!

Watch the trailer below!

Since it is going to be released soon, the team of “Wajood” is busy in its promotion and this shout out from Rishi Kapoor will surely help in that. Alongside “Azaadi”, “Na Band Na Baraati” and “Saat Din Mohabbat In”, “Wajood” will be released on this Eid-ul-Fitr and is expected to make this occasion even more special!

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