Romeo Weds Heer Episode 1 Review: A Hilarious Start to a Bitter-Sweet Relationship!


Starring the most loved on-screen couple, Feroze Khan and Sana Javed, the first episode of the much-hyped drama Romeo Weds Heer finally got aired and it has been trending at #3 on YouTube!

The drama began as Romeo, the cool guy of the university, gets into a little fight with Heer, the rough and tough girl, followed by a series of hilarious attempts to take revenge from each other, meanwhile introducing us to all the characters in the story.

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Romeo belongs to a super-rich family and his parents are both doctors and hilariously strange in personality. Saman Ansari is yet again playing Feroze Khan’s mother and this drama might give you those Khaani vibes but from a parallel universe, helmed by Khaani director Anjum Shehzad.

On the other hand, Heer belongs to a middle-class family and her father runs a herbal medicine shop. Tara Mehmood is playing Heer’s mum and she also has a younger brother, Aflatoon, who is pretty stupid and annoying.


Written by Muhammad Younis Butt of Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain fame, Romeo Weds Heer will make you laugh even on ordinary jokes whilst taking on some inside jokes from time to time.

The accurate comedic timings and expressions executed by all the actors are also worth appreciation, especially Feroze and Sana, who both can be seen in a completely fresh look but with same effortless chemistry.

The western lavish lifestyle of Romeo and the typical eastern household of Heer will definitely lead to the old-fashioned problems in every love story that we can totally see coming.

Heer is facing family pressure to get married and but she single-handedly scares off Jedi Sahab (Ali Safina), another interesting character who has come all the way from Dubai to get married.

In order to delay her marriage, Heer plans to introduce her friend, Chashmatu, as the guy she likes. When Aflatoon comes to see his potential brother in law at the university, he mistakenly captures Romeo’s picture instead of Chashmatu. Let’s see how this is going to turn the tables for Romeo and Heer that we can’t wait to see.

The promo for the next episode looks even more tempting as Syed Shafaat Ali is going to make an appearance and we know this ride is going to be even more hilarious!

Watch the promo for the 2nd episode below!

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