Saba Qamar Finally Reveals Her Unfiltered Side & Details Of Her 8-Year Long Relationship

Saba Qamar Finally Reveals Her Unfiltered Side & Details Of Her 8-Year Relationship
Image Source: Instagram/Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is the queen of hearts. She recently launched her official YouTube channel, where she entertains her audience through her vlogs and just talks about reality. Saba Qamar, no doubt, has proven her prolific talent in the Pakistan entertainment industry.

Saba, not only has made her recognition in Pakistan but across the borders as well. Her Bollywood debut in ‘Hindi Medium’ was an absolute hit in which she was cast opposite the legendary Irrfan Khan. Moreover, the movie was loved by fans from all over the world because of their exceptional performances.

Saba Qamar Reveals Details About Her 8-Year Relationship.

Let’s be honest. Knowing how talented and beautiful Saba is, we’ve all been curious to dig into her personal life find out more about her. However, it seems like the wait is over as she has decided to reveal the truth.

Just recently, Saba has released the second episode of her channel, and this time; it was an interview session on ‘The Chay Show.’ Yes, we know the name of the show seems quite intriguing, but the interview session was even better. The unfiltered side of Saba was something no one had ever seen. Apparently, in this episode, Saba has finally revealed her unfiltered side in front of the camera!

Honestly speaking, we loved it, and you will too.

Saba shared details about her failed relationships and how one of them lasted for eight long years. Keeping it very light-hearted and humorous for the audience, Saba cracked everyone up with this interview. Bringing such content to our screens is something we look forward to, and it seems like Saba has cracked it!

For the complete video, check this out!

We love how witty and straightforward she is, and we’re sending loads of love to her! Stay healthy and beautiful, Saba! We can’t wait for episode 3!

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