Saba Qamar’s Journey From an Ordinary Girl to a Superstar!


When we talk about Saba Qamar, we picture a star that always shines at its brightest and has not given us a single dull moment with her talent, elegance and beauty that never fades.

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There are people who are born with a famous name while some thrives hard to earn theirs by a great deal of hard work! Saba Qamar comes from the latter category!

The famous host, Farah Hussain, took the opportunity to interview Saba Qamar about her journey from an ordinary girl to a famous celebrity on this Women’s day!

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Saba Qamar might be a superstar but the simplicity she possesses after all the fame is truly an inspiration for many and her down to earth personality depicts what an amazing human she is!

Saba Qamar has huge fan-following and her fans can’t stop praising her!

We got a deeper closure to Saba’s life experiences and the hurdles she had to face in the beginning of her career and the incident that made her stepped into the showbiz. Saba revealed that she only went to watch a shooting at PTV and there was a short play whose lead actresses didn’t show up so the director asked Saba to read the script and they liked her instantly!

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Saba shared how she’s learnt a great deal from the grooming process in the start of her career and with many dramas and movies, she’s evolved as one the finest actresses in Pakistan with the passage of time!


Her recent drama “Baaghi” was a massive hit in which Saba totally stole the show and even won the award for it Lux Style Awards 2018.


Her talent cannot be restricted to the boundaries and Saba was highly appreciated in Bollywood as well for her performance in “Hindi Medium”.


Saba Qamar has come out as a motivation to many ladies out there and with her own experiences, Saba has learnt so much that makes her what she is now. There will be hurdles but if you’re passionate enough, you will always find ways to achieve your dreams!

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