Saboor Aly Surprised Her Fans With A Hidden Talent!

Image Source: Instagram/Saboor Aly

It’s been more than a week since most of us have limited ourselves to the four walls of our homes. The maximum we opt to step out is probably on our lawn.

As upsetting as it is, Coronavirus has lead people to lock themselves in with no luxury of having food delivered at their doorstep or having any social gatherings. Well, this situation has certainly lead many to try their hand at different things to keep them occupied. Some are brushing up their skills in cooking while others are learning another language.

One such celeb who’s tied up with flaunting her talent is the starlet Saboor Aly who surprised us with her top-notch painting skills. The starlet has kept herself occupied with the things she loves to do.

The actress posted on her Instagram saying how work had gotten the best of her and she was unable to spare to time for her love of colors. Saboor Aly decided to reconnect with her talent and proved that she can totally be an artist if she decided to part ways from the entertainment industry!

Sometimes it’s good to reconnect with things you love to do…
Though I was so scared to hold a brush after a decade but few things just need a connection.  Wrote the magical painter.


This is pretty cool, right? It looks like Coronavirus os bringing the best in a lot of people.

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What skills are you brushing up on?