Saboor Aly Looks Awfully Cute in Her Latest Photoshoot!


The dusky beauty might still be in the budding stage of her career but with two ongoing dramas these days, Visaal and Mere Khudaya, Saboor Aly has already become a household name. The sister duo, Sajal and Saboor, are known for their cuteness and whenever they appear on our screens, we are simply lost in their attractive looks!

Saboor Aly’s recent pictures have hit the internet and she looks awfully cute in this photo shoot for a casual look. Wearing this super cute outfit and with all these girly props, Saboor looks like a teenage girl and the overloaded cuteness in these pictures will definitely make you go aww!

Have a look at them yourself!

Cuteness is in the genes!

Expression game strong!

Another adorable one!

Saboor Aly’s fandom is increasing day by day and her die hard fans think that she looks adorably cute in these pictures!

They simply can’t stop praising their favorite star!

But there are always some who don’t let any chance go without bashing a celebrity on social media!

There are some who think that Saboor Aly looks abnormal in these pictures!

Some think that these pictures should be donated for mental hospital advertisement!

And some think that she can’t look cute no matter what she wears or does!

Well, this is not the first time that a celebrity is bashed over their looks and social media seems like the perfect platform for these “critics” to write down their thoughts without any hesitation!

Regardless of that, Saboor Aly’s fan think that she looks adorable in her latest pictures and this is what actually matters!

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