Saboor Aly’s Upcoming Short Film Nannu Aur Mein Wins Our Hearts


The trailer of Saboor Aly’s upcoming short film, Nannu aur Mein, is out and it looks like an emotional ride for the viewers. The upcoming short film is another brainchild of makers of Arz-i-Pakistan.

The roles in the short film are played by Saboor Ali and veteran actor Qavi Khan.

The film embraces the bond of limitless love between grandchildren and grandparents. In the short film, the grandparent, played by Qavi Khan, wants her granddaughter, Saboor Aly, to explore the world and becomes succesful in her life. She gets an opportunity to go abroad and study there for five years. They decide to communicate through writing letters to each other as the nannu doesn’t know how to use a cell phone.

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The short film also highlights that how the fast the world is moving and how social media is becoming a medium of communication all over the world, although the elders find it difficult to adopt the change.

Here’s what people on social media have to say about the trailer:

We are hoping that the film will give a meaningful message to the youth while embracing the importance of our relationships.

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Contributed by: Hira Ahmed