Sadaf Kanwal Bashed By Social Media Users For Bold Photoshoot


Social media users don’t spare anyone and this time it is Pakistani supermodel, Sadaf Kanwal. Sadaf is being criticised for her bold pictures that are trending on social media.

The pictures that are being shared on social media are from her photoshoot with famous photographer Rizwan-ul-Haq.

Pic Courtesy: All Pakistan Drama Page

Here’s one in Rizwan-ul-Haq’s signature style i.e. black and white.

Picture Courtesy: All Pakistan Drama Page

Sadaf’s penetrable clothes and all wet avatar have annoyed her fans and followers on the internet.

@rizwan.haq @visageofficial @nighatmisbah ❤️!!

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While some of her fans have praised Sadaf for her looks, others were harsh! Here’s how some of the users have targetted her on the pictures.

Some people brought in religion.

While others were simply abusive.

This one will remind you of Game of Thrones SHAME scene.

This one was worried about our entire generation.

And then there are some people who have the ability to make any situation funny.

While there were others who were just there for Mirch Masala.

Sadaf Kanwal is not new to controversies. Her belly dance in Namaloom Afraad 2 was heavily criticised and we believe that her upcoming project from which this footage is leaked might also make people furious.


Coming back to the photoshoot, Rizwan-ul-Haq is known for his unique way of photographing celebs and models. Previously Hasnain Lehri and Amna Ilyas were targetted by the internet for their passionate photoshoot with the photographer.

Fashion photographers in pakistam are allowed express there ideas in their chosen themes; whether it’s lewd or not. Do you think it is right or wrong? Let us know with your comments.