Sadaf Kanwal Becomes Social Media Target for Her Raunchy Photo Shoot


It seems like Sadaf Kanwal is internet’s favorite when it comes to pointing fingers at her! Ironically, whatever she does, people make sure to bash her in their own ridiculous ways.

Controversial Video of Sadaf Kanwal Kissing Fouzia Aman Goes Viral

Recently she was targeted on social media when her controversial video with Fouzia Aman went viral on the internet. She could be seen kissing the model during her birthday celebrations and people didn’t take it well.

Sadaf Kanwal Bashed By Social Media Users For Bold Photoshoot

Previously, she was bashed for her bold photo shoot with the famous fashion photographer Rizwan ul Haq. Her photos were circulating all over the social media and people thought that it was their right to throw hate comments at her! We all know how the moral brigade reacts when they feel the urge to attack!

This time, she’s again targeted for her photo shoot with the same photographer, Rizwan ul Haq! Here’s the photo that’s sparking reactions on social media:

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Shot by Rizwan, the style and makeup of Sadaf is done at Nabila’s Salon for this photo shoot. The rest of the photos of Rizwan’s photo shoot have not made it to the social media yet.

People are not responding well to the picture! Here are some of the reactions.

This girl made sure no one defends Sadaf or her picture

This one brought Hajj and Umrah in this debate

And then there’s this girl who knows how girls dress up in Europe!

This will remind you of the “Shame. Shame. Shame” moment from Game of Thrones

Don’t even know what this person is trying to say over here!

And this one just typically blamed the parents

These are just one of the few comments that were thrown at her picture by various social media users.

We think, it is high time that people should understand that there’s never a good reason to attack or bash someone publicly on social media. By writing such hateful things, what are you reflecting about yourself?

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If you don’t like someone or what he or she is doing then don’t unfollow them social media. It’s not necessary for you to have the same views about worldly things as they have, but targeting someone hatefully makes no sense at all.

What do you think of this entire Sadaf Kanwal controversy? Let us know with your comments.