Sadaf Kanwal to Make Debut in Pakistani Movie Balu Mahi


The Pakistani supermodel, Sadaf Kanwal has already explored the realms of the high-flying fashion world and now she is all set to launch herself across the nation with upcoming Lollyood movie Balu Mahi.

The directorial endeavor of Haissam Hussain has already roped the rising stars Ainy Jaffri and Osman Khaild Butt. Kanwal is the new star in line that will be playing a vital role in the rom-com.

Winning the audition, the diva will be playing best friends to Ainy in the movie but the best part is that Kanwal will be witnessed in dazzling dance number just at the beginning of Balu Mahi.

While she has already conquered the modeling world, let’s see how she proves her acting skills at the silver screen. We wish the Lux Style Award winner all the best for her cinematic endeavor.