Sadaf Kanwal’s Video ft. Aleyzah Gabol Faces Backlash for Body-shaming Women

sadaf kanwal fat shaming

The gorgeous Pakistani model and actress Sadaf Kanwal is recently catching some heat after fat-shaming women on social media.

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Recently, the model uploaded a video on her Snapchat where Alyzeh Gabol can be seen holding up her phone with a picture of a woman. Sadaf Kanwal decided to caption the image as “future”, indicating that this will be the future of Alyzeh Gabol.

Here’s what she posted: sadaf kanwal fat shaming

As soon as she uploaded the video, it created an outrage on social media for encouraging the body-shaming.

A famous Pakistani journalist Alia Chughtai also took to her Twitter account and slammed the model.

She wrote:

So we have another fat shamer so called celebrity who thinks it’s funny to make fun of fat people, Sadaf Kanwal. Wish these celebrities had an ounce of intellect. Must be nice feeling so superior. Shame that you’re a horrible person to go with that face. #sadafkanwal

Here’s what other people have tweeted:

This is not the first time Sadaf Kanwal is facing social media backlash for her controversial comments. Last year, she made some pretty bold comments about Mahira Khan and #MeToo movement on a talk show which left her fans in utter shock.

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