Sadaf Kanwal’s Kaif O Suroor Badly Reminds Us Of Mallika Sherwat’s Mayya Mayya


Sadaf Kanwal has been teasing us non-stop with glimpses of her item song  Kaif O Suroor and now that the song’s finally here we can’t help but notice its uncanny similarities with Mallika Sherawat’s item song, Mayya Mayya from the movie Guru.

Listen to Kaif O Suroor from the movie Na Maloom Afraad 2 featuring one of Pakistan’s top models, Sadaf Kanwal.

Now listen to the hit Bollywood item song Mayya Mayya featuring the proudly infamous, Mallika Sherawat.

Now, before you think we’re being too critical of our own industry talent. Let’s take a look at the similarities.

  1. Both songs had Middle-Eastern harem-like vibes.
  2. Both ladies had golden belly-baring shimmery dresses.
  3. The opening lines are seriously just different words – same music!
  4. The Arabic part in between? Now, that’s too much.
  5. The belly dancing? The poker face expressions?

We can go on and on but, you get the idea.

Kaif O Suroor, sung beautifully by Aima Baig is majorly over shadowed by our Bollywood experiences – and Sadaf Kanwal’s heavily layered makeup

Yes, we get it, the look had to be uber-glam but such extreme made-up eyes with even darker lips cover Sadaf’s otherwise magnetic aura.

Sadaf Kanwal

Is the song catchy? Yes, it is. Is it impressive? No, it isn’t. TBH, we’ve seen this content a thousand times in a thousand different Bollywood movies.

But hey, a whistle for the efforts!