Sahir Lodhi’s Debut Film Raasta Release Date Revealed


Raasta, starring Sahir Lodhi is an action-packed thriller is set to release on March 23rd, 2017 on Youm-e-Pakistan. The film is making waves all over social media due to Pakistan’s most beloved celebrity as the lead character.

Big News for Pakistanis #SahirLodhi's #RaastaTheMovie Now release on 23rd March (Youm-e-Pakistan) #OneFilmsPK

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The two-minute trailer revolves around the chemistry between the two leading actors, Sahir Lodhi and Abeer Rizvi.

It appears to severely resemble Shahrukh Khan’s popular franchise films Don consisting of catchy one-liners and the same hardcore thug persona played by King Khan.

Here’s the trailer,

Raasta is directed by Saqib Siddiqui, produced by Sahir, Moidul Hasan and Faisal Zia, the screenplay was written by Sahir Lodhi and Shahid Naqvi. Other stars include Shamoon Abbasi, Naveed Raza, Sahir Lodhi, and Aijaaz Aslam.

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