Here’s Why Saif Ali Khan Should Be BANNED in Pakistan!


The ban on Pakistani artists’ in India seems pretty unjust to those of us on this side of the border. However, Rangoon actor Saif Ali Khan recently spoke up in defense of the ban.

Khan said to an Indian daily that,

“I can understand the ban. On one hand you are playing nice, casting each other in movies and playing cricket, and on the other hand, they cut five people’s heads — who are ‘they’ though, I don’t know. We don’t know how much to believe.”

Last year, Saif was singing a different tune and promoted the import of Pakistani talent in India. This time, Saif says that he can understand why Pakistanis are so popular in India.

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However, Khan still urges the Indian government to take a stand.

“Make up your mind, make it a law if you want to.”

“There is a sense of exotic to them because they are from the forbidden land, like Fawad Khan.”

“If they were from India, that would remove that extra glamor from them. Maybe they are just usual but there is a Mata Hari sense of a foreigner about them.”

All we can say is, make up your mind Saif!

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