Is Sajal Ali Really The Madhubala Of Our Times?


The virtual world is a cruel place, especially for celebrities who without knowing become easy targets for unwanted hatred.

Something similar happened with Sajal Ali when a popular Facebook Page decided to compare her with the iconic Madhubala. Now, once again, Sajal Ali never compared herself to Madhubala nor did she endorse the fact that she has a slight resemblance to the famous actress of yesteryears.

Before we say anything else, take a look at the pictures:

Do the pictures look similar? Yes. Does Sajal resemble Madhubala? No, not at all.

The pictures look similar due to similar angle and colours not because the two actresses have any similarity going on.

The respective social media page admin did clarify their stance by saying “This is not a face resemblance post. It is about expressions style and charm.”

But this mere fact was something internet critic wasn’t ready to understand. Some called it an insult to Madhubala and some decided to call Sajal Ali names for no reason at all.

If only people had enough sense to see the positive side of things, they’ll be doing themselves a favour. A negative heart breeds negative thoughts and seriously, don’t we have enough of that already?