Sajal Ali Reveals Her List Of Favourite Morning Show Hosts


In a recent episode of Asimyar Tiwana’s morning show Pakistani actress Sajal Ali made a guest appearance and the two engaged in an interesting discourse covering a spectrum of topics of Sajal’s career and personal life.

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The highlight of the show, however, became Sajal’s list of favourite morning show television hosts. Asimyar Tiwani provided Sajal with five names of Pakistan’s most prominent morning show hosts and asked her to list them in terms of preference.

In the recorded video of this episode we see that Sajal had a tough time deciding who her favourite television host is. In the end however, she did disclose who her partiality lies with.

Much to our excitement Sanam Jung topped the list of Sajal’s most favoured morning show hosts. This name was followed by Sanam Baloch, Juggan, Nida Yassir and lastly Faisal Qureshi. Looks like Sajal’s is quite relatable!

If you haven’y already seen this morning show episode, you can watch it here:

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