Sajal Aly Dancing on Zara Noor’s Wedding is the Cutest Thing You’ll See


We all know how amazingly beautiful was the wedding of Zara Noor Abbas. Fans were going round and about on social media in a frenzy because not only did many celebs attend her wedding, but also that they were the most favorite ones.

Just look at how cute the three of them look!

Sajal Aly was dressed in a sophisticated white-laced gown which such exquisitely defined her beauty in the most simplest of ways.

If you look at this videos of Sajal Aly and the attendees of the function having the time of their lives, you might feel like a part of the wedding itself as well. Especially in this part where Sajal Aly was adorably shying away from the camera but before doing that she striked one of the most iconic choreographed dance move.

Looking at her so adorably shy makes us fall in love with her even more. Stay awesome Sajal Aly!

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