Sajal Aly Found the Best Dressed Segment of LSA 2018 Humiliating!


One of the most glamorous showbiz events, Lux Style Awards 2018, took place back in February but it looks like it has left some issues that are still being discussed!

Sajal Aly, the leading lady of our drama industry these days, has revealed that a particular segment in LSA 2018 made her feel humiliated during the ceremony!

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In an interview, the YKS star said,

“I feel like we have gradually gone from treating awards as an evening of celebration of good work and art to ridiculing actors and our industry. I was quite disappointed.”

This above-said segment included a contest over the best dressing that night, among Sajal Aly, Nabila, Urwa Hocane, Mawra Hocane and Ainy Jaffri and was won by Nabila!

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Sajal expressed her disappointment and thinks we have shifted our focus from the actual purpose of these awards ceremonies to ridiculing actors and our entertainment industry. She feels that this segment was simply used for ‘cheap laughs’!

“It might sound harsh, but unfortunately that’s the reality. Actors were treated as subjects of humiliation and were used for cheap laughs. I may also sound like I’m ranting, but does no one go over the script and point out whether something is a bit much?”

Sajal, who was also nominated for the best actress award for YKS and O Rangreza, feels strongly about the situation and doesn’t want to be humiliated just for the sake of show’s rating!

“I’m not sure what to expect anymore, or rather, I know exactly what to expect,” Sajal opined. “Start treating awards like awards. Give respect where it is due and make people feel good that they attended the event. We direly need structure and discipline.”

However, this segment didn’t air on TV and Ahmed Ali Butt, the host of LSA 2018, clarified that it was only done to kill time during the ceremony when the stage was being set up for Ali Azmat and Sahir Ali Bagga performance!

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